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Past Master Speakers Include...
Homer Smith, Brian Billick, Dave Campo, Joe Avezzano, Frank Beamer,
Jim Harbaugh, Les Miles, Jim McNally, Greg Mattison, Dan Henning
MIDDLE OF THE WEEK CLINICS - Wednesday 4pm through Thursday 6pm
"The Most Intense & Advanced Clinic Experience!"

Two-Minute Drill

Homer Smith (2000) on How Zone Blitz
Stopped the Run & Shoot
(3 mins)

Jim McNally (Texas OL Clinics 2012) Jab & Pop Footwork (2 mins)


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Tired of the Same Old Clinic Experience?

Learn the most detailed and advanced schemes and
techniques from the best coaches in football...

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"One of the best clinics I've attended!"

"The specialization of the clinic is what made it so good"

"One of the best clinics I've ever attended...
Definitely recommend for anyone"

"The information was more valuable and meaningful"

"The video and chapters were awesome, probably best OL
clinic session I've ever attended"

Football Masters Academy

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